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Besides Nicaragua’s remarkable history and culture, its undeniably amazing landscape is as well fascinating. The country shares incredible outdoor settings, full of a vibrant diversity of picture opportunities.

Nicaragua’s pacific fertile lowland is richly dotted with steaming active cone volcanoes as well as massive bodies of water, forming sometimes turquoise crater lakes like Apoyo Lagoon or Central America’s largest lake, Cocibolca. As curious visitors move along the country, interesting and diverse natural setting pass by. Nicaragua’s central region and its rolling hills will also captivate the cameras of those nature and rural life lovers. Small wooden shacks, open patios with domesticated animals, cattle farms, oxen carts, children cowboys, traditional crops such as coffee, rice, corn, beans, is the cultural part of the Nicaraguan landscape.
Not less captivating is the Caribbean region with its coral formations and its diversity of rich cultural groups.
Undoubtedly Nicaragua’s great diversity of landscape constituted by active volcanoes, natural crater lakes, lush cloud forests, mountain ranges, rolling hills, rivers full of wild life, volcanic islands, unique ocean coasts and friendly waving “Nicas” along the side of the road will keep you entertained as exploring through Nicaragua.

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