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Nicaragua is a great choice for hiking activities and adventures. Its diverse tropical territory with rain and cloud forests, mountains, rolling hills, volcanoes and other interesting geographical regions make Nicaragua an ideal option for hikers.

The Maribios Volcanic chain which is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire has a series of dormant and active volcanoes offering unique hiking experiences through amazing landscapes. The active cinder cone Cerro Negro and the extinct Las Pilas Volcano are undoubtedly two extraordinary hiking places. Other volcanoes like Telica, San Cristobal, Cosiguina are also worth a visit. As well Mombacho, just a few kilometers south of Granada, is another interesting place to enjoy a great hiking opportunity through well designed trails where an abundant diversity of flora and fauna are waiting to be explored. The jewel island of Ometepe with Concepcion and Maderas Volcanoes also make a great site for extreme hiking and unforgettable experiences. 

The North Central Region of Nicaragua such as Selva Negra, La Cumplida, El Jaguar and other attractions offer as well great opportunities to hike through pristine forests and coffee plantations. These cooler regions are known for amicable climate, colorful birds and mountainous landscapes with rural activities. 

Rainforests in the southeastern Caribbean such as Indio Maiz, the second largest rainforest reserve after Bosawas, is a place of pure nature where exotic flora and fauna delight adventurous travelers. In addition the Bartola Natural Reserve has interesting hiking trails to enjoy bird watching and see many different varieties of trees.


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