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Even though Nicaragua is not known as a bird watching destination, the country undeniably offers a large number of important species of birds (750 approximately) for nature lovers. Major sites for bird watching are located in protected areas in the pacific basin, the highlands of the central region and the wetlands in the southeast.
The “Isletas of Granada” is one of the best places to enjoy bird watching. Here you can find all different kind of egrets, herons, kingfishers, cormorants, ospreys, jacanas, oropendolas, sandpipers, etc. One of the birds that nature enthusiasts cannot omit to look for is the “Guardabarranco” or “Turquoise-browed motmot”, Nicaragua’s national bird. This is found in dry tropical forests perching on middle sized trees, moving its racket shaped tail from side to side.
Bird watching in Nicaragua is a whole new experience with interesting natural sites. The highlands of the northern region of Nicaragua are home to tanagers, hawks, jays, warblers, oropendolas, orioles, and other colorful birds. If you are lucky you may also see the quetzal and the three wattled bill bird. 
Many beautiful species of migratory birds stop in Nicaragua between November and March. Both private and National protected Reserves embrace a great diversity of bird life; hawks, parrots, guans, humming birds, toucans, flycatchers, birds of prey, warblers, mot-mots, trogons, sparrows, ospreys, and more to be discovered.


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