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Rural Life

The countryside is fascinating and full of great unexpected experiences with interesting welcoming people, the slow pace of old oxen carts, children going to school on horses, pigs and chickens moving around freely, cattle grazing on pasture land or herded by young local cowboys, natives carrying chopped wood for cooking, thatched roof houses, women washing clothing on rivers and lakes, and more great rural sceneries.

Undoubtedly Nicaragua’s rural life is directly associated to agriculture. When traveling through the country you can see the large number of land cultivated with an extensive array of significant crops such as sugar cane, rice, corn, beans and other important produce either for export or local consumption. 
Furthermore, the countryside of the Central Region of Boaco and Chontales are known for their busy dairy activity, hilly cattle ranches, fresh cheese, early hand milking, beautiful landscapes, rolling dirt roads, scattered communities and no doubt the warm greeting of friendly people. North of this region you will find the most important coffee departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega. Between October and February thousands of workers are involved in coffee production such as hand picking, quality sorting, transportation, rake drying, storing, packing, and other meaningful tasks to guarantee a superior quality product. 
The rural Caribbean could not be less cultural attracting than other areas of the country. Its rural activities are associated strongly with net fishing and cattle farming. This region is culturally rich because of its several existing ethnic groups and their huge effort to keep their customs alive. 

Local Information

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