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History & Culture

Nicaragua’s culture is very fascinating, starting with pre-Columbian history and a mix of Spanish traditions, ending with the tense modern history.  El “Gueguense” is probably one of the most significant creations of the Mestizo groups in the middle of the XVIII century during the Spaniard occupation. This play was first written in Nahuatl Indian language and then translated into Spanish.
Nicaragua is also a country of literature with world renowned poets like Ruben Dario, known as a “genius child” and during his adulthood as “the Father of the Modernism movement”. He became very famous in Spain at the end of the XIX century.
Famous musicians like the Mejia Godoy brothers and the Palacaguinas, Otto de la Rocha and others will delight you with their traditional Nicaraguan music. Modern writers like Sergio Ramirez, Gioconda Belli and Ernesto Cardenal will take you back in time with fascinating stories of the Sandinista revolution and their novels.


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