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Nicaragua’s outstanding Caribbean region hides a wonderful natural world under its turquoise water.  The Corn Islands reefs offer almost certainly the most excellent chance for snorkeling and diving.  This authentic paradise is 75 kilometers offshore from Bluefields, a major town in the south Atlantic region. A vast rich biodiversity of several types of reefs, fish, and plants can be explored in the peaceful waters of the Caribbean.

The amount of tropical fish living in the waters of the Caribbean is amazing. Some types of coral reefs include “the Brain Coral”, whose name is due to its spheroid shape and grooved surface; “the Staghorn Coral”, a branching type with cylindrical branches ranging from a few centimeters to over two meters in length and height; and “the Pillar Coral”, a hard type resembling fingers and growing from the sea floor. Many more interesting type of corals can also be discovered. 

The adjacent marine life is also abundant and amazingly diverse. There is excellent observation for Yellowtail Damselfish, Queen Angelfish, Parrot fish, French Grunt, Red Snappers and if you are lucky Sea turtles can be observed too.

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