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Scuba Diving

Nicaragua’s undeniable splendor has been in the spotlight in the last years and more adventure travelers have discovered its uniqueness. Undoubtedly the Corn Islands on the Caribbean are the two major sites to venture into this extraordinary experience. Fortunately this true paradise is free of massive tourism. You will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the ocean as well as your diving adventure by yourself, most likely only running into some local fishermen and swimmers.

Scuba diving will take you under sea water where you will be amazed by astounding, colorful reefs, sponges, all different species of tropical fish, caves, caverns and more to be explored. San Juan del Sur, a beach town located in the south pacific of Nicaragua, in the region of Rivas, is another great location for diving. There are rock formations 3 kilometers offshore, creating some type of underwater islets, a great habitat for fish and interesting eco-system.

Between the months of July and January, “Olive Ridley turtles” can be seen.

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