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Fresh Water Fishing

The Great Lake Nicaragua, San Juan River, the exotic Atlantic coast and Little Corn Island are the most interesting bodies of water where you can put into practice your fishing talents. During your excursion on the Pacific side of the country, you can try to catch some “Guapotes”, a native freshwater cichlid fish from Lake Nicaragua measuring up to 16 inches.

Another common type of fish is “Mojarra”, which is also a cichlid measuring about 8 inches. Moving southeast you will get to San Juan River where fishing “Tarpon” is very popular. This type of fish grows up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) in length and sometimes weighs 160 kilograms (350 lb). Do not be surprised if you catch an uninvited and rare species that live on these waters, the “bull shark”. This is the only type of shark in the world that lives in salt and fresh water. Tilapia, snook, gar fish and saw fish are some of the most common species found here.
Pearl Lagoon, on the south Caribbean, also offers bountiful opportunities for catching tarpon, catfish, drummers, jackfish, barracuda, yellow tail and other type of fish found on inland rivers, brackish water or on the open ocean. Little Corn Island, 80 kilometers offshore, provides an extraordinary chance for fly fishing anglers, some of the most common fish species include tarpons, bonefish, jacks, snooks, and others.
Besides great fishing experiences, most of these sites furthermore offer rich cultural knowledge of the surrounding communities as well as interesting observation of abundant flora.

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