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Spanish Schools in Nicaragua

Due to the increasing demand worldwide to learn the Spanish language, Nicaragua has also taken the opportunity to promote this useful and entertaining activity. Our country is very well adapted to receive students from all over the world.

ORO Travel is offering various options for those who would like to have a serious and professional opportunity to study at a Spanish school. The options can be either taken in a historic colonial town like Granada or Leon or by the beach on the Pacific coast. All schools offer a home stay program including three meals a day and at the same time the opportunity to get immersed in the daily life of the Nicaraguans. This choice also includes a lecture/discussion class on the geography, history and politics of Nicaragua.

Those options will allow the students to learn Spanish while enjoying the country. Of course, ORO Travel will be pleased to suggest an excursion during your studies or a Spanish study weekend combined with a leisure trip. Andale amigo!!

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