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Travel to Nicaragua

Considered to be one of the most vibrant and unique countries in the region, Nicaragua offers great opportunities for every type of traveler. Even though the tourism industry is still in its infancy, Nicaragua is fast becoming a sought after travel destination.

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Known as “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, Nicaragua offers a breathtaking landscape of volcanoes, lakes, mountains and rain forests. Many mountains and volcanoes are suitable for hiking and offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic Coast are unspoiled and travelers can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters, learn how to surf or just relax on the beach. Nature lovers will be able to discover and enjoy the country’s great natural resources which have been a well kept secret for a long time. There are 78 national nature reserves which protect a rich portfolio of flora and fauna. Especially in the cloud forests one can find a variety of flora, such as enormous old trees, colorful orchids, and endemic bromeliad.

Colonial Charm

Apart from its natural resources, Nicaragua is also famous for its beautiful colonial towns such as Granada and León. The rich history of these places together with their well-preserved architecture of churches, cathedrals, fortresses and colonial houses will surely make an impression on you. More than anything, the country’s welcoming people, their hospitality and open-mindedness will be one of the most memorable experiences of your vacation. If you are interested in music and dance, be sure to visit one of the many traditional festivals taking place year-round and do not miss out on the fantastic poetry.

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