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Nicaragua is the New Tourist Sensation!
July 23 2015

Nicaragua has changed the tourist map. Volcanoes, canyons and marvelous islands are among the hidden paradises the country has to offer. 

Miskito Cays: This paradise consists of 76 islets. Fishermen have built their floating houses on the sea and rent them to adventurous tourists. The area is known for its coral reefs and for being home to more than a hundred sea turtles. The island is only inhabited from January to July during the fishing season.
Masaya Volcano: This national park is formed by two volcanoes and five craters. Santiago is the only one with gas activity. If you're close to it, you’ll surely hear the movement of magma. There are several viewpoints that allow a good look into the crater. A guide can also take you through hiking paths with tunnels created by volcanic eruptions.
Somoto Canyon: Its vertical walls reach heights of between 120 and 150 meters, ideal for climbing, rappelling and navigating the waters coming from the Coco River, the longest in Central America. Its channel varies between 10 and 15 meters wide. It was discovered in 2004.
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