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Ometepe Island Inaugurates Airport with First Flight
May 14 2014

ORO Travel’s François Gauthier participated in the inaugural flight to Ometepe’s La Paloma Airport yesterday on La Costeña Airlines from Managua.

Ometepe’s airport will receive two weekly flights from Managua.  The 20-minute flight is offered on Thursday and Sunday at 12:00 p.m. From Ometepe, the flight continues on to San Carlos, on the shore of the Río San Juan. The return flight from Ometepe to Managua is offered on Thursday and Sunday at 2:45 p.m. 

This is a long term project that will gradually increase the frequency of flights over time. There has also been interest from Costa Rica and Guatemala in adding international flights at some point in the future.
Ometepe, the largest volcanic island in the world that sits in a fresh water lake is a frequented tourist destination. This quiet and rural place is perfect for tourists looking for something off the beaten path. While the island airstrip has been celebrated by some, others fear the airport, bringing in more tourists, will change the atmosphere of the laid back island.  
60,000 national and international tourists visit the island of Ometepe annually. With the opening of the airport La Paloma this amount is expected to increase by five percent.
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