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Nicaraguan Cigars in the Spotlight Once Again!
December 19 2014

After an entire year of taste tests and round after round of smoking hundreds of cigars blind, the winners have finally emerged in two on the most prestigious cigar publications.


Again the quality of Nicaraguan cigars was demonstrated in the Cigar Journal’s ranking of the 25 best cigars in the world of 2014, ten of which are Nicaraguan made cigars. The Cigar Journal described the collection of AJ Fernandez New World Gobernador as the best in the world. These are manufactured by the Fernández tobacco factory in Estelí, who ensures that the secret of their cigars "is an unavoidable commitment to tradition".
The Cigar Aficionado, who also released the names of the Top 25 of 2014, also gave distinction to Nicaragua as four of the top 10 are made in the country. The Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado collection, manufactured by Oliva Cigar Co. in Esteli has been chosen as the best in the world in this ranking.
For the president of the Nicaraguan Association of Tobacco (ANT), Nestor Plascencia, recognition in these publications reaffirms the commitment of the industry to further improve its product and gives incentive to continue to innovate and set new goals.
For cigar enthusiasts, visiting one of these many cigar factories is a great way to learn about the intricate process of making world class cigars and of course savor the taste of a wide range of styles and flavors. 
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