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Spectacular & Harmless Eruption of Momotombo Volcano
December 03 2015

“Momotombo roars, awakens and returns in all its glory." Momotombo volcano located in La Paz Centro, León about 49 kilometers from Managua, entered into an eruptive phase in the early hours of Tuesday, December 1st, ejecting gases, ash and lava in a spectacular and harmless eruption. The stunning images shared on social networks by hundreds of residents have transcended the world.

The volcano has erupted after 110 years of inactivity. On the recommendation of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), authorities have implemented security measures, closing off a six kilometer zone around the volcano and are prepared for the evacuation of local residents if need be. Volcanologists are urging citizens to take precaution in the area however there are currently no reports of any injuries or any immediate instruction of evacuation. 

In an official press release from INETUR, the organization assures that this eruption was non-violent and that they will continue to closely monitor the activity of the volcanos of our country and inform the people of any developments.



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