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ORO Travel and Carita Feliz Launch Sustainable Tourism Initiative
December 03 2013

This past Friday ORO Travel and Carita Feliz, a local NGO working to educate children, celebrated the launch of an alliance to promote sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.

This event highlighted the importance of sustainable tourism and the opportunity for tourists to contribute in a positive way.  One of ORO Travel’s objectives as a tourism company is to promote sustainability, not only in the preservation of ecological and historical sites, but also in the social aspect.  We know firsthand that tourism can and should be a tool for positive development and that each visitor should leave a certain impact in the communities in which they visit.  During their trip, tourists are educated and informed about the responsibility of tourism and ORO Travel acts as a door-opener pointing out trusted and serious organizations that have shown positive results over the year.

Also this initiative gives the visitors real and authentic experiences, off the beaten path, shared with locals, children, women and workers, without any obligation. For this reason ORO Travel has made it a priority to include in our tour programs, visits to organizations that implement long-term oriented social projects that are managed fairly and have sustainable development in mind.

Carita Feliz is one of several organizations that fit well into this philosophy.  This local NGO works to educate children and teens from low-income families, giving them the confidence to excel in both academic and social areas, opening up opportunities in the long term to a successful work life. They have a variety of programs that ensure the success in all areas of a child’s development including education and scholarships, medical, dental and nutrition among others. Children in Carita Feliz have consistently proven to show excellent results in academics and social life.

Various local organizations attended the event, where an introduction to this new initiative was given, and the first donation was presented by Pascal Picot, General Manager of ORO Travel, on behalf of American tourists traveling with “Wildland Adventures”, to Peder Kolind, director of Carita Feliz. The children were present to accept the donation. The donation has been allocated to buy medicine and provide medical consultations for those in need.  Also a group of students who walk everyday to Carita Feliz will be provided with shoes to allow them to attend the center’s activities regularly.

This donation marks the beginning of a systematic commitment to promote responsible tourism.  Both ORO Travel and Carita Feliz are optimistic that on a long term basis this initiative will prove to have positive results.

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