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Hiking Central America

Costa Rica - Nicaragua

14 Days / 13 Nights

On a shady jungle path, the crickets are staging a loud chirping concert, accompanied by the exotic calls of a group of toucans sitting in the tree tops above us. A rustling in the undergrowth reveals a family of coati scouring the ground for food. A barely audible roar reaches our ears, getting louder with every step we take. Suddenly, we stumble upon a breathtaking waterfall in the middle of the jungle. A refreshing dip in its crystal clear mountain water becomes the highlight of our day.

A little later, we reach a remote village where we join Don Octavio for a cup of coffee and stories about life in the outback. In the evening, we look back on our eventful day while relaxing by the pool of our comfortable hotel. We come to the conclusion that traveling on foot provides a much more intense experience of nature and the local people than travelling by car or bus. The slowness allows for perfect views and activates all senses.

With this hiking itinerary, we will bring you through the diverse landscapes of both Costa Rica and Nicaragua, allowing hikers to experience the ancient history. Visitors will be truly immersed, passing by impressive volcanoes, many traditional villages, walking into colonial scenery, enjoying the hospitality of the people and learning about the culture and the social life. Our hiking tour will give many opportunities to absorb the multiple facets of neighboring Costa Rica and Nicaragua at your own pace.

Notes: A complete itinerary description can be sent from our sales representative upon request! Please contact us for more information.

Number of participants:
Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 12

Beginning of Journey: Monday in San José
End of Journey: Sunday in Managua

• Birdwatching
• Hiking
• Rural Life
• Landscapes
• Flora and Fauna Observation

Do not forget
• Light Clothing
• Drinking Water
• Sun Protection
• Closed Toed Shoes
• Walking Stick
• Binoculars
• Camera

Difficulty Level: 3

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
Local Time:


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