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San Juan del Sur Town

A pleasant town situated in the southwest of the Nicaraguan pacific. The history of this tropical town began during the gold rush in California back in 1849 when steamers coming from New York and New Orleans first stopped in San Juan del Norte in the southeast, then sailed up the San Juan river, through Lake Nicaragua, walked or took horse carriages through isthmus of Rivas and then took a bigger steamer in San Juan del Sur.

The town still preserves some of the first wood houses built at that time, the recently renovated city hall and Central park. They have also made improvements such as setting up new street lights and finishing the new malecon or ocean front. In the last twelve years San Juan del Sur has seen the influx of thousands of local and international tourists as well as the arrival of international cruise ship lines. It offers a great spot to enjoy the relaxing waters of the Pacific basin and a place where you can start exploring the other unspoiled pacific beaches.

The horse-shoe shape of San Juan del Sur is lined with many local restaurants, offering all different kinds of succulent seafood dishes including ceviches, shrimp cocktails, grilled fish and lobster. San Juan del Sur is also apt for taking scuba diving lessons and surfing. The nightlife is very active and some bars and pubs offer live Latin American music.

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Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
Local Time:


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