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Playa El Coco

Nestled by the Pacific Ocean in the southwest of Nicaragua, this peaceful destination is just 18 kilometers south from San Juan del Sur. Its unspoiled privileged location makes it one of the most unique beaches with endless opportunities to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Besides its relaxing and tranquil waters, “Playa El Coco” rewards you with great opportunities for exploring its natural surroundings as well its rural life. Howler monkeys, several species of colorful birds and butterflies are just part of the natural hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. A neighboring beach “La Flor” is certainly a must stop while dwelling at Playa El Coco. “La Flor” is one of the two most important turtle nesting sites where thousands of “olive ridley turtles” lay their eggs each year and visitors can observe this unique process. Also biking or horseback riding is another possible way to see the natural sights of “Playa El Coco”.

Traditional seafood cuisine could not be better; a wide array of delicious typical dishes are served at “Playa El Coco”. Grilled sea bass filet of, whole red snapper fish with tomato sauce, grilled shrimp or lobster in garlic sauce and the traditional seafood soup with fish, shrimp, mussels, crab and lobster are just part the many succulent options you can choose from.

Rural Life • Snorkeling • Surfing • Camping

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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