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La Flor Nature Reserve

The perfect place to observe one of the most unforgettable natural wonders, the massive arrival of thousands of “olive ridley turtles”. “Playa La Flor”, situated in the southwest pacific basin, is one of the seven privileged places in Latin America where each year, mainly between the months of July and January, the Lepidochelys Olivacea lay hundreds of eggs.

The Reserve has an area of 3000 hectares, protected by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Natural Resources. The “Tortuga de Paslama” as it is locally known, after swimming for years through the sea, returns to the same place where it was born, digs a hole and for approximately one hour patiently lays one hundred eggs. The olive ridley then covers the nest with sand, after 50 days the small tennis size eggs start hatching and little dark turtles begin their way to their new home, the sea.

Besides its importance as a turtle nesting site, Playa la Flor is rich in sport fishing with marlins and sail fish. As well splendid species of birds such as brown pelicans and magnificent frigate birds are observed in the area. Howler monkeys, white face monkeys, parrots, iguanas, squirrels and other species of animals are part of the natural surroundings. It is possible to observe this wonderful experience by either camping overnight at the Reserve or staying at one of the nearest hotels.

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