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Archipelago Solentiname

Most likely one of the most important cultural and natural regions of Nicaragua located in the southeast extreme of Lake Nicaragua is Archipelago Solentiname. The 36 volcanic islands of different sizes are homes of many species of birds including neo-tropical cormorants, tiger herons, white ibis, great egrets, green herons, great kiskadees, and others.

“Solentiname” also became an important ground of battle against Somoza’s regime. Some monuments erected in honor of those who died in the liberation of the country in 1979 can be seen today at the entrance of the Mancarron Island, one of the 36 islands of the archipelago. This is the place where the famous Nicaraguan poet and priest Ernesto Cardenal began his important cultural work in these isolated communities in the 60’s. Under his guidance these people learned native art and their paintings represent the colorful and natural life that surrounds these people.

Besides these impressive paintings the people of Solentiname are also dedicated to the activity of woodcarving. They skillfully transform Balsa wood into colorful pieces of art such as animal figures including frogs, birds, fish and other type of decoration. Their art has transcended the Nicaraguan borders to Europe and the United States. Fishing is also a part of the daily life of these people who capture freshwater bass, perches and garfish.

Solentiname is also the perfect spot to stay in one of the local lodges and start exploring the Guatuzos Reserve. Just 30 minutes away to the south “Los Guatuzos” is an excellent natural location to enjoy wild life such as caimans, green iguanas, howler, spider and white face monkeys, and all different species of birds.

Birdwatching • Rural Life • Handicrafts • Flora and Fauna Observation • Arts and Paintings • Fresh Water Fishing

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