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El Castillo

This nature-surrounded charming town is situated along the historical San Juan River by one of the three rapids of the river, forming natural barriers for larger vessels. This colorful remote village, only reachable by boat, features on top of a hill the oldest Spanish defense of Nicaragua, an attempt to stop the incursions of ransacking pirates in the middle of the XVII century.

The fortress has preserved its original construction and it was renovated through the International Spanish cooperation. Today the stronghold displays in its interior a very informative museum with interesting information of the region. Its historical watchtower also provides an excellent vista over the river. Walking, climbing and admiring every single corner of this place will bring you to the Nicaraguan colonial past where the young lady “Rafaela Herrera” courageously protected the fort.

El Castillo also offers the opportunity for visitors to get into contact with Nicaraguan rural life where tourism has had very little impact on this community. There are several local restaurants lining the bank of the river where good local food is served such as river shrimp, a type of fresh water lobster. The town features small concrete sidewalks that lead you to discover the daily life of the inhabitants, churches, schools, community center, sport fields and, cemeteries. El Castillo also gives the chance to stay in some lodges from where natural excursions can depart. A trip to the “Indio Maiz” Biosphere Reserve is a must.

Rural Life • Landscapes • Food • Fresh Water Fishing

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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