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Rio San Juan

Untouched rainforests, biological nature reserves, unique wetlands, rich biodiversity, lush vegetation, fascinating wild life, secluded rural communities, eco-lodges, relevant history and amazing waterways are indeed good reasons to start packing and join us in this amazing Nicaraguan destination.

The region of “Rio San Juan” is wonderfully constituted with many interesting natural sites where nature enthusiasts can expect to see lots of tropical wonders. Amazing large tropical trees, colorful poisonous dart frogs, howler monkeys, bromeliad plants, reptiles, several species of beautiful butterflies are part of the rich biodiversity within the biological reserve “Indio Maiz”, the second largest Nicaraguan rainforest situated in the south east of the country.

With incredible natural surroundings and amazingly abundant birdlife, “Los Guatuzos” wetland nature reserve and “Papaturro” river are both fascinating nature refugees, where several species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and plants can be observed. Caimans along the river bank can be spotted as well as green iguanas, white faced monkeys and certainly many species of water birds. Also the department of Rio San Juan has seen the development of eco-lodges like “Sabalos” and "Bartola Lodge", places dedicated to preserving and involving the communities in friendly environmental practices.

Besides “eco-tourism” this region offers world-class fresh water fishing, especially for the tarpon sport fishermen. Another amazing natural site and full of culture is the archipelago of “Solentiname”, formed with 36 volcanic beautiful islands, a place where time seems to have been stopped with its authentic flavor. Communities here are devoted to art, painting and sculpting. Solentiname is nestled in the southeast of Lake Nicaragua with spectacular sunsets.

Historical towns such as El Castillo and San Carlos are also important destinations where nature and history blend perfectly. Both villages were used as strategic spots for building fortresses on their highest hills. Today El Castillo still features the famous fort of “La Inmaculada Concepcion” where historic battles between Spanish and English, French, and Dutch pirates were performed. Probably “Rio San Juan” is the most famous river in the country because of its potential in the past as a possible water canal during the XIX century. It was also used as a water way by the European and American gold seekers between 1849 and 1869.

All in all lots of natural surprises, incredible nature wonders and a fascinating history are waiting for you. ORO Travel certainly wants you to experience this amazing trip to this unique part of the world.

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Recommended Attractions in Rio San Juan

San Carlos »

San Carlos is the capital of the San Juan region, which is located near the mouth of the historical San Juan River and Central America’s largest fresh water lake, “Lago de Nicaragua”.

El Castillo »

This nature-surrounded charming town is situated along the historical San Juan River by one of the three rapids of the river, forming natural barriers for larger vessels.

Archipelago Solentiname »

Most likely one of the most important cultural and natural regions of Nicaragua located in the southeast extreme of Lake Nicaragua is Archipelago Solentiname.

Los Guatuzos Nature Reserve & Rio Papaturro »

Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge is located in the south of Lake Nicaragua, within the municipality of San Carlos, Rio San Juan.

Sabalos Lodge »

Sabalos Lodge opened in 2002 with the purpose of promoting environmentally friendly nature tours in the region of San Juan River.

San Juan del Norte »

During the British colonization it was called “Grey Town” after the Jamaican Governor Charles Edward Grey and served as the ammunition camp for pirate incursions through the San Juan River.

Indio Maiz Biological Reserve »

Located in the southeast of Nicaragua, “Indio Maiz Natural Reserve” is the second largest of the 76 protected areas of the country.

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