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Nindiri used to be a major indigenous community ruled by the brave Tenderi Indian chief, who governed some 20 thousand Chorotegas people. The main entrance of the town is located along the main highway and only few minutes away from Masaya Volcano National Park. Today Nindiri has a population of 30 thousand people who make their living out of agriculture, commerce, textile industry, and production of furniture.

The town has a small colonial church dedicated to Santa Ana, whose main festivity is celebrated in the month of July and part of August. As every Spanish conquered indigenous village there is a plaza with a park where most local citizens meet to spend some time. There is also a museum exhibiting part of pre-Hispanic findings including funeral urns, metates (food grinding volcanic rocks), plates, offering pots, and other important archaeological artifacts.

A lava flow in 1772 from the Masaya volcano threatened to sweep away Nindiri, which by miracle survived. The current of magma changed direction and most of it flowed into the Masaya volcanic Crater Lake. The inhabitants at that time attributed this miracle to the power of God.

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