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Probably the most famous place in Nicaragua to get some of the best wood furniture, Masatepe is also a very important “White Town”. Its history is strongly linked to the pre-Hispanic past of the Chorotegas tribes, who inhabited the land. The name “Masatepe” comes from the Nahuatl word “Masatepetl”, which means “hill of deer”. Masatepe is located between the towns of San Marcos and Nandasmo, in the region of Masaya.

“The Masatepinos” are dedicated to all different kind of economic activities, but surely the production of fine wood furniture is the main one. Many carpentry workshops are stationed along the main road where you can find the traditional “sillas abuelitas o mecedoras” or rocking chairs, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, closets, beds, sofas, and other high quality products. At the same time Masatepe is very famous for their traditional “Sopa de Mondongo”, “a tripe and belly, beef soup” prepared with yucca, annatto, pepper, onions, tomato, sour orange, baby corn, ayote and other secret ingredients.

The town of Masatepe has a charming colonial church in honor of San Juan Bautista. The celebration of San Juan also takes place during the month of June like San Juan de Oriente. Interesting horse parades are organized by the Association of Nicaraguan Horse breeders. Hundreds of “montados” or horse riders show off their equestrian skills with great coordination of steps. The celebration also involves traditional music, dances, bull riding, processions, fairs and lots of cultural activities.

Rural Life • Handicrafts • Pre-Columbian Heritage • Religious Events • Food

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