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This charming town is situated within the amicable weather of the “White Towns” in the region of Masaya. Catarina, 20 minutes away from Granada, is also a former Chorotega indigenous village, close to other interesting villages with pre-Hispanic roots like San Juan de Oriente, Diriomo, Niquinohomo, Nandasmo and Masatepe.

The town of Catarina is easily reached by an excellent road from any major tourist destination. Its people are dedicated to all different kind of economic activities, including primarily agriculture, sales of ornamental plants, handmade crafts and lately tourism.  The region of Catarina produces a wide selection of tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, mamey sapotes, sapodillas (nisperos), red mombins (jocotes), soursops (guanabanas), avocadoes, guavas (guayabas), papayas, and other exotic delectable fruits. In addition by strolling through the town you will find an increasing number of nurseries where the locals buy their ornamental plants including all different types of orchids, palms, heliconias, cactus, frangipanis, jasmines, etc… Besides fruits and plants the inhabitants of Catarina produce furniture, bamboo products including baskets and lamps and ceramic work.

The town has also become a very popular weekend getaway for many Nicaraguan families, who cheerfully spend some time either tasting typical food, listening to marimba music, riding horses or just enjoying the view of the majestic crater Apoyo Lake, the largest and deepest caldera of Nicaragua.

Rural Life • Handicrafts • Landscapes • Arts and Paintings • Music & Dance

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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