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Pueblos Blancos

Composed of several little charming towns with strong pre-Columbian roots and traditions, the name “Pueblos Blancos” (or white towns in English) comes from the colonial times when people from this region used to paint the little adobe houses with quicklime. Most of these villages, Catarina, Niquinohomo, Diria, Masatepe, San Juan de Oriente, San Marcos and others are located about ½ an hour away either from the capital city of Managua or Granada.

Each one of them is dedicated to interesting craft making activities such as hammocks, furniture, ceramics, stone carvings, leather work, ornamental plants and more. Some of these villages enjoy superb views over the blue waters of Lake Apoyo and others are famous for their delicious homemade “cajetas” or sweets. A visit to this region will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

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Recommended Attractions in Pueblos Blancos

Catarina »

This charming town is situated within the amicable weather of the “White Towns” in the region of Masaya. Catarina, 20 minutes away from Granada, is also a former Chorotega indigenous village.

San Juan de Oriente »

One of the most important villages of the “White Towns”, San Juan de Oriente was also known as “San Juan de los Platos” because its first pre-Hispanic inhabitants were dedicated to the skillful production of clay dishes.

Nindiri »

Nindiri used to be a major indigenous community ruled by the brave Tenderi Indian chief, who governed some 20 thousand Chorotegas people.

Masatepe »

Probably the most famous place in Nicaragua to get some of the best wood furniture, Masatepe is also a very important “White Town”.

San Marcos »

One of the several charming villages situated 45 minutes away either from the capital city of Managua or the colonial city of Granada, in the region of Carazo.

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