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Barcelo Montelimar Resort

Montelimar, located in the central pacific region of Nicaragua and one hour drive from the capital city of Managua, consists of 9 different farms where sugar cane is cultivated. Harvest time takes three months during the dry season (January to March). Montelimar is the fourth largest sugar mill factory in the country, producing half a million bags of sugar.

By its coast lays the all-inclusive Barcelo Montelimar resort, a Spanish owned hotel chain. In the 40’s this land used to belong to a German family and the Somoza regime (an ally of the US government during the World War II) confiscated the property. Somoza converted this piece of land into his vacation beach house. During the Sandinista Revolution in 1979 the property was confiscated from Somoza and a vacation resort was developed at the end of the 80’s.

At the beginning of the 90's the government of Nicaragua sold the hotel to the international Barcelo Hotel chain which improved the infrastructure and nowadays is one of the main destinations for foreign and local vacationers. There are other beaches close to Montelimar like the fishing towns of Masachapa and Pochomil where the local economy is based on fishing and agriculture.


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