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The town of Moyogalpa, the main town of the island, is situated in the northwestern area of Ometepe Island with a population of 15 thousand people. Moyogalpa is a small town with many little wood houses where hostels and bars have opened in the last years. The town also offers the chance to see its charming little church dedicated to Santa Ana whose main celebration takes place in the month of July. This is one of Ometepe’s main catholic celebrations.

Moyogalpa stands for “Mosquito place” in the Nahuatl language, is also a good site to start exploring the natural wonders of the island. There are also locals who rent bikes for more adventurous travelers who like outdoor activities. The town is home to a museum which displays pre-Columbian artifacts such as clay funeral urns, plates, offering pots, grinding stones, and other interesting figures. There is also another museum on the outskirts of the town with two sections, one of them depicting a larger collection of ancient findings and the other section with a collection of coins and bills of the country.

There is also a charming lake front, “Malecon”, with a fountain of which the interior displays a replica of Ometepe Island. The surrounding farm land of Moyogalpa is very fertile due to the proximity of Concepcion volcano which wakes up once in a while, ejecting and depositing rich volcanic ash on the fields.

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