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Maderas Volcano

One of two fascinating volcanoes on Ometepe Island and one of the 25 volcanoes located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the steep Maderas volcano is an amazing cloud forest with unique eco-systems in its protected environment. It has an altitude of 1,394 meters above sea level (4500 ft). Most of its peak is eroded from former volcanic activities. Maderas’ last eruption happened approximately 800 years ago. Most of the rocks at the base of the volcano were skillfully carved by the first inhabitants of Ometepe, leaving important Pre-Hispanic heritage to the current Nicaragua culture.

The dense forest will display its colorful heliconias, orchids, bromeliads, and other interesting plants. The natural trails also offer a great opportunity to see the playful white-faced monkey and the noisy howler monkeys. There are also different species of birds including the white-throated magpie jay, Montezuna Oropendola, flycatcher, yellow-napped parrot, hummingbirds and others.

Maderas is also one of the best places to enjoy a super view of Lake Nicaragua as well as Concepcion volcano from its midway lookout.

Birdwatching • Hiking • Rural Life • Landscapes • Flora and Fauna Observation • Pre-Columbian Heritage

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