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Charco Verde Nature Reserve

A small green lake located in the northwest of the volcanic island of Ometepe. The lake and its little forest reserve are situated in the area of San Jose del Sur. “Charco Verde” could be most likely one of the best places in the island to enjoy a very close contact with groups of howler monkeys. During the interesting one hour trail where you will be able to also see many white throated magpie jays, flycatchers, kingfishers, egrets, herons, grackles, doves, vultures, and species of trees including kapoks, tourists trees, spiny cedars, elephant’s ear trees, ant trees and others.

The moderate walk through “Charco Verde” will also take you to outstanding vistas over the perfect active cone of Concepcion volcano as well as the extinct eroded cloud forest of Maderas. From different lookouts you will be able to admire the immensity of Lake Nicaragua.

“Charco Verde” shelters the famous legend of “Chico Largo”; a man who after escaping from the conquering hands of the Spanish hid himself in the surroundings of “Charco Verde”, where he started protecting the nature. The legend goes that there is a town under the water of “Charco Verde”; the cows and pigs in the corrals of this underwater town are actually people who were transformed into these animals for harming the nature. You will certainly enjoy this walk through this mystical and natural place.

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