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This former indigenous village is located in the northeast part of the Ometepe Island with a population of eighteen thousand people, most of them with traces of indigenous features. The town has a very peaceful life with very friendly inhabitants.

The Central Park exhibits a local playground, a basketball court, benches and some small café’s. The old colonial church of the town, built in 1925, is not used anymore for liturgy but small meetings. Still travelers are invited to visit the interior of the church and see the old walls, wood columns and ceilings as well as the old altar. The church also exhibits an exposition of Nicaraguan pictures and old pre-Hispanic artifacts. Some amazing pre-Columbian statues are also on display in the courtyards of the church, one of them “The Eagle”, is a great representation of indigenous heritage.

On clear days the steep imposing figure of the active Concepcion volcano guards the town. The outskirts of Altagracia offer a great location to start hiking the active cone of the volcano. As well it is a good starting point to bike through the island, some bike rentals are available.

The Patron´s Saint celebration for San Diego de Alcala during the month of November is the most popular and famous in Ometepe. Horse parades, bull riding, craft fairs, colorful processions and cultural presentations are part of this important festivity. “El Baile del Zompopo” or “the leaf-cutter ant dance” is the most famous and traditional cultural expression during this celebration. Hundreds of people holding small branches of trees shake them with great enthusiasm at the rhythm of live music, representing an old pre-Hispanic dance performed by the first inhabitants of the island.

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