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Ometepe Island

This natural jewel is largest volcanic island in the world that sits in a fresh water lake. Ometepe (which means two hills in the native Nahuatl language), is a place that will take you back in time due to its strong and rustic rural life activities. The Island has two impressive volcanoes, “Concepcion” an amazing active steep cone reaching 1,610 meters above sea level and the beautiful “Maderas” a cloud forest with a crater lake on its summit.

There are also a great number of farms where plantains, rice, tobacco, sesame seed, and other crops are grown. Ometepe is a great place for nature lovers where monkeys, deer, iguanas, lizards and a large number of different species of birds live in this region. Other attractions are Playa Santo Domingo the longest beach on the east side of the island, Charco Verde a natural reserve with a lagoon full of myths, and interesting places still waiting for you to discover.

Visitors will find Ometepe Island a wonderful destination for walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, horse-back riding, swimming and above all meeting one of the most friendly communities in Nicaragua, the “Ometepinos”.

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Recommended Attractions in Ometepe Island

Maderas Volcano »

One of two fascinating volcanoes on Ometepe Island, Maderas volcano is an amazing cloud forest with unique eco-systems in its protected environment.

Moyogalpa »

The town of Moyogalpa, the main town of the island, is situated in the northwestern area of Ometepe Island with a population of 15 thousand people.

Altagracia »

This former indigenous village is located in the northeast part of the Ometepe Island with a population of eighteen thousand people.

Playa Santo Domingo »

A scenic volcanic sandy beach located on the east side of Ometepe Island, dotted with small charming lodges, offering tranquility within a natural setting.

Charco Verde Nature Reserve »

A small green lake located in the northwest of the volcanic island of Ometepe. The lake and its little forest reserve are situated in the area of San Jose del Sur.

San Ramon Waterfall »

This beautiful waterfall is situated on the southern slope of the extinct Maderas Volcano Cloud Forest in Ometepe Island by the community of San Ramon.

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