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La Cumplida

An extensive farm situated to the north of the city of Matagalpa in the mountainous region of Nicaragua. “La Cumplida” with an area of 1,126 acres is also home to more than sixty species of birds, reptiles and mammals such as howler monkeys and deer. “La Cumplida” focuses largely on coffee production, fern cultivation and reforestation programs helping to improve the local economy and rural life. “La Cumplida” is working with surrounding communities to encourage a harmonious way of living with nature, while taking great steps to reforest a part of the country that has long been damaged by agriculture and livestock. Some of these types of trees include mahogany, Spanish cedar, walnut, laurel, and pink trumpet trees. In the last years the farm house has been slightly refurbished to comfortably accommodate a small number of people.

La Cumplida’s organic coffee has been recognized locally and internationally as one of the best coffees in Central America. It has been certified by UTZ (a worldwide certification program for monitoring responsible production). This certification guarantees high quality coffee produced under social sustainability. Also “La Cumplida” has diversified its production by introducing medical plants, spices and aromatic plants for the production of perfumes.

The farm was certified by Rainforest Alliance in 2005. La Cumplida operates a primary school of 160 students, as well as a separate satellite kindergarten located at a higher altitude for children living farther up the mountain, making sure the schoolrooms have the materials they need to function appropriately. The school has become a major channel for educational change in the community, teaching children the significance of subjects such as good nutrition, good garbage disposal and civic duty, as well as the basic educational tools necessary for literacy, complex thought and self-esteem.

The amazing fern fields are located in the higher part of the farm where black nets are set up to minimize the impact of the sunlight over the field. Here you can also find the selecting and packing department where people carefully choose the best quality bouquets for export to Europe.

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