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Matagalpa City

Matagalpa is by far the most important city in the North Region of Nicaragua, and the third most important city of all Nicaragua.

Matagalpa is surrounded by several beautiful mountains providing shade and nice cool temperatures for the cultivation of quality coffee. Walking around the city is very interesting, especially around the parks where the locals “Matagalpinos” meet.

Across from the Central Park is the neo-classical building of San Pedro Cathedral. Construction initiated in 1874 and opened for catholic believers in 1895. Just close by you can also visit the Ruben Dario Park dedicated to the greatest Nicaraguan poet, called the “Child Genius” or the “Prince of the Spanish Letters”.

Another important feature in the town is the Matagalpa River, the second largest river in the country, crossing through the city and flowing into the Caribbean. Do not forget to visit the interesting local market by the Indian village of Guanuca or head to the south west of the city to see “the cemetery of the foreigners” where Germans, English, and other Europeans immigrants from the end of the nineteenth century are buried.

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Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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