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Souvenir & Popular Markets

This fascinating souvenir market is located in the small folkloric town of Masaya where most of the handcrafts for sale are skillfully produced here. The colorful shops are situated inside of the former local market. The neo-gothic fort building was constructed at the end of the XIX century, the market closed due to fire in the 70’s. It was restored and opened as a cultural souvenir market in 1998.

Nowadays the facilities offer to local and foreign tourists all different kinds of high quality products at reasonable prices. The purchasing choices are plenty including colorful hammocks, cigars, authentic ceramic work, fine woodwork, t-shirts, rocking chairs, jewelry, Nicaraguan books and music, paintings, rum and all sort of local souvenirs. The market also offers the opportunity to try some local meals in its restaurants as well as to enjoy several natural fruit shakes. Every Thursday night the administration of the market also organizes “Noches de Verbenas” with professional performances from Nicaraguan folkloric groups, dancing at the rhythm of the “marimba”.

A few blocks away from the souvenir market visitors can walk into the local or “popular market” and have the opportunity to be immersed in people’s daily lives. The “popular market” opens from Monday to Sunday exhibiting the best of the fruit and vegetables produced in the area, including fresh oranges, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, bananas, passion fruits, avocadoes, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions, beats, radish, lettuce and other products. Certainly a visit to Masaya’s markets is a rich cultural experience.

Handicrafts • Arts and Paintings • Food

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