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This peaceful village is nestled among one of the most pleasant regions of the Pacific basin of Nicaragua. It is known as a “Nomativa” town due the proximity of other neighboring communities like San Juan de Oriente, Catarina, Nandasmo, Masatape and San Marcos. Niquinohomo is a nahuatl word which means “village of warrior”, presumably it was once occupied by courageous Chorotegas groups who defended their dominion at the arrival of the Spaniard conquistadores.

Certainly the most relevant and historical event that took place in Niquinohomo was the birth of General Augusto Cesar Sandino in 1895. “Sandino”, as he is popularly known, became the leader of the Nicaraguan Army for the Sovereignty Defense and led its rebel group to fight the US Marines from 1927 to 1933 in the highlands of Nicaragua. He was killed in 1934 by members of the National Guard directed by Anastasio Somoza Garcia. In 1961 the university student Carlos Fonseca Amador along with other students funded the Sandinista political party in honor of Sandino. Today Sandino, after the renowned Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario, is the most important historical figure of the country. Monuments of him can be found through the country, and the historical site “Loma de Tiscapa” in Managua displays a 10 meters tall black metal silhouette of Sandino overlooking the capital. The northwest corner of Niquinohomo’s Central Plaza still preserves Sandino’s father house where he was living for some years.

Another remarkable characteristic of Niquinohomo is its colonial church built in 1663 to honor Santa Ana. The construction of the temple was constructed by the subjugated indigenous people under the direction of the Spaniards. The rocks to make the church were carried from Apoyo volcanic crater lake. It is considered to be one of the longest temples in Nicaragua holding the title of national monument by President Anastasio Somoza Debayle.

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