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One of the two most important indigenous villages located in the pacific region of Nicaragua, “Monimbo” is a nahuatl word which means “close to the water” due to the proximity of lake Masaya. The first pre-Columbian settlers of Monimbo were Niquiranos from the Chorotega tribes.

Barrio Monimbo is also historically famous for its heroic participation during the liberation of Nicaragua from Somoza´s 45 year-dictatorship. Hundreds of people, including children and women, were killed in 1978. The National Guard of Nicaragua was ordered to use tanks, helicopters and push-and-pulls airplanes against the people of Monimbo, who defended themselves with rifles, molotov bombs and guns. A massacre followed this event. Today almost every corner in Monimbo as well in Masaya has a monument to commemorate the lives of those who fought for freedom.

Monimbo is also one of the few places in Nicaragua preserving deep rooted indigenous legacies. Their pre-Hispanic heritage is transmitted through different cultural expressions such as food, music, dances, handmade craft, and religious syncretism.

Most of the handcrafts and souvenirs for sale at the local and souvenir markets are produced in Monimbo. Almost every house has a family run workshop where they skillfully work the wood, bamboo, vines, royal palm, leather, and cane fiber to produce baskets, and more. Families make sure to pass the tradition of producing handcrafts from generation to generation.  People from Monimbo are welcoming and you can have the chance to visit some of the many workshops and observe for yourself the fine quality work that these inhabitants make.

Handicrafts • Religious Events • Music & Dance

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