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Coyotepe Fortress

“Coyotepe” which stands for ‘hills of coyotes’, is one of the most important historical national monuments, situated on the outskirts of the city of Masaya. This former volcanic formation has an altitude of 300 meters above sea level (1000 ft) and was declared a National Monument on November 15th, 1967.

The fort, located on the top of the hill, was initially built at the end of the XIX century by the liberal president Jose Santos Zelaya as a strategic lookout to prevent possible attacks from the “Conservative” forces of Granada over Masaya, Managua and Leon. An assault on Coyotepe took place in October 1912 by US Marines against liberal Nicaraguan forces under the leadership of General Benjamin Zeledon Rodriguez who lost his life in the battle. General Zeledon was a lawyer, diplomat, magistrate of the Central American Court of Justice, writer and military officer. He was declared a National Hero in 1980.

In 1948 underground cells were ordered to be built by President Anastasio Somoza Garcia. Unfortunately such cells were used as a political prison for many years. The fort was renovated by the Sandinista government in 1980 and used by the Association of Sandinista Children. The fort was abandoned much of the 1980’s and finally in the 1990’s was given to the Nicaraguan Boy scouts.

Today the fortress is open to the public so that they can learn interesting stories about the past of this historical monument. The fort also offers a 360 degree spectacular view over the pacific region of the country including, Lake Nicaragua, Mombacho volcano, Masaya city, Lake Masaya, Masaya’s National Park, Lake Managua, Momotombo volcano and the Tisma plains.


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