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Masaya is a very interesting region with lots of living traditions, captivating history and thriving culture. This fascinating destination blends perfectly well with the charming regions of Granada and Managua. Before the Spanish conquest (1524) the whole area of Masaya, whose “nahuatl” word stands for “place for deer”, was densely inhabited by “Chorotegas” indigenous groups whose culture was intimately related with “Meso-America”.

Today the proud inhabitants of the Masaya region enjoy a wide array of inherited customs as well as keeping alive several vibrant catholic festivities. Undoubtedly the Masaya region is very rural, producing some of the best fruit of the country. From its many little farms sweet bananas, juicy oranges, buttery avocadoes, refreshing watermelons, delicious mangoes and other numerous tropical fruits are cultivated. Also the region of Masaya is known for its colorful and high quality handmade crafts such as cotton hammocks, precious woodcarvings, varied stylish ceramics, leather produce, fine furniture, and many more mastermind products.

Moreover meaningful geological formations are part of this unique region, especially the Masaya National Park which is one of the most striking and wonderful sites of the area. The constant steaming activity of the Santiago crater as well as its filled-petrified lava caldera are undoubtedly exceptional features to admire. Other unique geographical characteristics of this pleasant region are its breathtaking craters, Apoyo Lagoon, the largest water-filled caldera in Nicaragua, and Masaya Lagoon, a former water reservoir for indigenous groups. Masaya will definitely delight you with unexpected and unforgettable experiences where its welcoming people and natural wonders are waiting for you!

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Recommended Attractions in Masaya

Masaya Volcano National Park »

This amazing National Park includes two incredible volcanoes, several extinct cones, a priceless crater lake, a breathtaking moon landscape and a formidable caldera.

Souvenir & Popular Markets »

This fascinating souvenir market is located in the small folkloric town of Masaya where most of the handcrafts for sale are skillfully produced here.

Masaya Downtown »

The small charming city of “Masaya”, traditionally known as "the city of flowers" has a population of 150 thousand inhabitants.

Monimbo »

One of the two most important indigenous villages located in the pacific region of Nicaragua, “Monimbo” is a nahuatl word which means “close to the water” due to the proximity of lake Masaya.

Coyotepe Fortress »

“Coyotepe” which stands for ‘hills of coyotes’, is one of the most important historical national monuments, situated on the outskirts of the city of Masaya.

Niquinohomo »

This peaceful village is nestled among one of the most pleasant regions of the Pacific basin of Nicaragua.

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