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Montibelli Nature Reserve

Montibelli’s privileged location and lodge offers nature lover's unlimited opportunities for exploring unique ecosystems and unforgettable experiences. This private reserve nestled in the outskirts of Managua at the base of the hill chain, “Las Sierras de Managua” in the region of Ticuantepe, where most people are dedicated to agricultural activities, primarily cultivating pineapples, oranges, lemons, coffee, bananas and the exotic dragon fruit.

Montibelli comprises an area of 160 hectares of remnant dry tropical forest within the central Pacific basin of Nicaragua. Due to its elevation varying from 360 to 720 meters above sea level, the reserve keeps a pleasant temperature ranging from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius mostly all year round. It has been acknowledged as one of the best managed reserves of the country because of its great efforts to live in harmony with nature and the surrounding population.

The reserve holds an important number of species of birds, approximately 100, including great tinamous, laughing falcons, orange fronted parakeets, squirrel cuckoos, fork-tailed emeralds, black-headed trogons, yellow warblers, turquoise browed motmots and others. There have been some 32 different species of mammals reported such as gray four-eyed opossums, northern tamanduas, nine banded armadillos, mantled howler monkeys, variegated squirrels, Mexican porcupines, pacas, Central American agouties, among others. Montibelli also has several species of amphibians and reptiles including green and black spiny iguanas rose belly lizards, whiptail lizards, boas, rattle snakes, giant neo-tropical toads, and other interesting wild life.

Besides Montibelli’s rich wild life, its flora is very fascinating, embracing many species of tropical trees and plants including Spanish royal cedar, tropical almond, elephant’s ear trees, pink trumpet, autograph trees, peeling trees, and others.

Montibelli provides the fascinating experience to get in touch with an outstanding approach to nature through guided walks and hiking, professional bird watching and butterflies tours, camping and fantastic views over the valley of Ticuantepe as well as the Masaya National Park.

Birdwatching • Hiking • Rural Life • Landscapes • Flora and Fauna Observation • Camping

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