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Poneloya / Las Peñitas

Both peaceful beaches are situated along the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the region of Leon. Poneloya and Las Peñitas are easily reached from the university town of Leon in less than half hour, through a new paved road built by the government of the United States under the program “Millennium Challenge Corporation”. The surrounding areas of Poneloya and Las Peñitas as well as the strip of land from Leon is cultivated with lots of agricultural crops such as peanuts, sugarcane, sesame seeds, corn, bananas and sorghum. On clear days amazing views to the Maribios volcanic chain can be enjoyed from the main road.

Those two spots, just separated from a rocky hill, are preferred places for the “leoneses” on weekends. These serene beaches during most of the year come into hectic activities through Easter and New Year celebrations, where thousands of Nicaraguan families organize traditional journeys to these sites. The fishing villages of Poneloya and Las Peñitas are lined with summer vacation homes, small lodges and some restaurants. Their wide and long beaches are perfect for enjoying sunbathes away from crowds.

Excursions to wildlife reserves like “Isla Juan Venado” can be organized from here. This natural reserve is only few minutes away from Las Peñitas, where nature lovers can have the opportunity to see alligators, birds, all different types of plants and mangroves. Also Las Peñitas offers good opportunities for surfing, kayaking and biking.

While either exploring or vacationing around these two beaches, one cannot miss the chance to try the fresh seafood of some local restaurants. Succulent whole fried red snapper fish in tomato sauce, grilled sea bass filet or grilled shrimp in garlic sauce are just some of the alluring choices to order.

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