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La Paz Centro and Nagarote

These two little towns are located in the Department of Leon, Northwest of the City capital of Managua. Nagarote is the former settlement of the indigenous community of “Nagrando”, a group part of the Chorotegas tribes.

This charming little community offers visitors one of the favored  typical dishes of Nicaraguans, “El Quesillo”, a type of soft cheese made out of fresh milk served with tortilla. By the main square there is the oldest tree of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, a “Genizaro” (ash tree), which according to the researchers, exists since the pre-Columbian times ( about 475 years old ). Under the branches of this majestic tree is where the Chorotegas had their “Tiangues” or open air market.

La Paz Centro is also famous for its “Quesillo”, creating a kind of gastronomy competition between these two villages. Some small brick and tile family factories have developed in the outskirt of the town due to the high quality of clay in the area. While driving along to Leon, those factories can be easily visited and we can observe the work of the locals.

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