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One of the main cities in the northern region of Nicaragua, Jinotega is known to have a pleasant climate all year round.

The city is surrounded by many mountains with altitudes over 1500 meters above sea level with perfect conditions to grow 50% percent of the all Nicaraguan coffee. The Cathedral, first constructed in 1805, is named after San Juan and is located across from the Plaza Central where many locals meet at the end of the day.

Even when some of the attractions like coffee farm tours, horseback riding, lookouts and other activities are mainly done outside of the city, walking around the town will still give you an introduction of the Jinoteganos.

Birdwatching • Hiking • Rural Life • Landscapes • Horseback Riding

Recommended Attractions in Jinotega

Lago de Apanas »

One of the most beautiful artificial lakes is Laguna de Apanas. It is also historically very important, it was created in the 60’s under the Somozas’s administration to generate hydroelectric power for Nicaragua.

El Jaguar Eco-Lodge »

In a private natural reserve nestled in the cool coffee growing region of Jinotega stands El Jaguar Eco-Lodge. This family run farm’s main goal is to produce high-quality environmentally friendly coffee in harmony with nature and the local community.

Bosawas »

The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve is located in the north of the country next to the border with Honduras. It was declared the first Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua comprising 14% of the country’s land with a huge extension of 20,000 square kilometers.

Local Information

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