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The “Isletas” is a fantastic natural tour on Lake Nicaragua just five minutes away from the historical center of Granada. This archipelago is formed by approximately 350 little islands, which were created thousands of years ago by the impressive volcanic activity of Mombacho volcano. That’s why some local dwellers would call them affectionately “Mombacho’s daughters”. Most of these islands amazingly build natural canals allowing nature lovers to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this sheltered paradise.

As the boat moves slowly through the water different species of interesting birds can be observed, while others will fly away looking for a safer place to perch. You will be fascinated by the bright yellow of the flycatchers or the tiger-color like of the tiger heron, more amazingly the kingfisher’s diving for fish or the loud gurgles performed by the Montezuma Oropendola during the bowing display.

Other interesting birds to see are the Osprey, which shows off its fishing strategies by plunging into the water grabbing freshwater bass. Other species of birds include neotropic cormorants, white throated mag-pie jays, northern jacanas, purple gallinule, limpkins, groove billed anis, Nicaraguan grackles, sandpipers, and scissor tailed flycatchers, royal terns, tropical kingbirds, and different species of egrets such as great, snowy and cattle egrets. In addition the islands are covered by dense vegetation and fruit trees including mangos, coconuts, plums, almonds, and ornamental plants.

This natural setting also blends in harmony with the local islanders whose lives are connected with the rustic fishing activity. As you enjoy breathtaking landscapes, rocking boats on the water will show skillful fishermen throwing their nets on the water to catch native freshwater fish such as “Guapote” to sell it in Granada’s market or to a restaurant for a succulent meal. Navigating through these inhabited islands is going back in time with scenes of women washing clothes on rocks, children swimming around their mothers, dogs barking from the island to the foreigners, men resting in hammocks and boys and girls coming on boat back from school.

Birdwatching • Flora and Fauna Observation • Kayaking • Fresh Water Fishing

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