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Apoyo Lagoon

A wonderful volcanic crater lake located between the regions of Masaya and Granada in the Pacific basin. The name “Apoyo” comes from the Nahuatl language “Atl-poyec”, which stands for “salty water” due to the amount of minerals still found on the lake.

Its impressive massive explosion occurred some 21 thousand years ago, provoking a large caldera of 6kms diameter. Due to its huge size, some estimated 10 million cubic meters were hurled by the eruption. Lake Apoyo has a circular shape with low steep walls on the eastern side and higher walls on the west side. Its volcanic material, mainly pumice, can be traced close to towns of Granada, Diria, Diriomo and a great part is concentrated in the village of Catarina. It is part of the volcanic chain stretching southeast to northwest, between Masaya's active volcano and the dormant volcano of Mombacho. At the same time it is Nicaragua’s largest Crater Lake and its depth is around 200 meters.

Lake Apoyo is also one of Nicaragua's 76 protected areas, enclosing several species of colorful birds such as white-throated magpie jay, tropical kingbird, Montezuna Oropendula, great kiskadee, aracaris and Nicaragua’s national bird, “Guardabarranco”, turquoise browed motmot. Its tropical humid forest shelters also a wide variety of trees including kapoks, elephant’s ear trees, Central American cedar, peeling tree, sea almond trees and others. Groups of howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, and several species of butterflies, insects and lizards can be also observed in the surroundings.

Visitors can enjoy a phenomenal view over Lake Apoyo and the surroundings from the white town of “Catarina”. Its water is warm with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). It is a great place for swimming, walking, hiking or just relaxing in front of the Lake.

Birdwatching • Flora and Fauna Observation • Swimming

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