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Somoto Canyon

Unique adventure and a ‘must-see’ for every Nica-Traveler!

Somoto Canyon: A spectacular 5 to 13 million year old canyon, just discovered in 2004 by a group of Nicaraguan and Czech scientists. It is located in the north of Nicaragua, 12 kilometers west of the town of Somoto in one of the oldest mountain formations in the country. Although this area is still sparsely visited, it holds a great potential for tourism.

The Canyon is part of the Coco River, the longest in Central America with an extension of more than 600 kilometers. At the same this interesting geological formation of five kilometers long and 100 meters deep still has a lot to be researched. Just recently after this amazing discovery, some petro glyphs, evidence of pre-Columbian indigenous groups, were found in this site.

Visitors have the option of half or full tours, or simply enjoying the impressive view from a look out point. For those with an adventurous spirit venturing into the canyon is an unforgettable experience. Be prepared to get wet! The full tour includes a hike and swim through the entire 5 km with a local guide. Whatever way you choose to explore the canyon it is worth the visit! 

Hiking • Swimming • Camping

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