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Picnic Center

Situated in the southwest and reputed to be the most pleasant beach in Big Corn Island, the tranquility of its water will undoubtedly reward you with an unforgettable time. One can easily reach this white sand beach either by walking or by taxi. There are some cozy lodges and hotels, offering infinite opportunities to enjoy your holidays. One of the best ways to learn about the culinary culture of the island is by having a succulent meal in one of the restaurants, where different kinds of fresh seafood is served.

Because of its privileged central location, the Picnic Center is the perfect place to start exploring this fantastic island. A good amount of interesting activities can be organized from here including scuba diving and snorkeling. Big Corn Island is surrounded by a barrier reef system where the outstanding underwater life is just incredible. Divers marvel at the sight of corals, schools of snappers, sponges, colorful tropical fish, rays and other interesting marine life.

The Corn Islands are also a very popular destination for fishing, which can easily be arranged from the Picnic Center. Some of the deep-sea fishing includes barracudas, marlins, tunas, sword fish, bonefish, tarpons and other big game. If you just love to relax on the beach, do not miss the spectacular sunsets at the Picnic Center.

Stopping at nearby neighborhoods is undoubtedly worth the visit for their cultural life. Creole English is spoken through the Corn Islands because of the English piracy influence during the XVII and XVIII century. “Waula Point” is also a historical site of interest where a wreck of a Spanish galleon and fourteen cannons lay at the bottom of the sea. There is always a laid-back ambience around the island, Sunday is very popular for baseball games (during season), and of course Caribbean music is one of the most important aspects in this culture.

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