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Long Beach

Bathed with crystal turquoise water, this white sandy beach is positioned on the southeast side of Big Corn Island. Long beach as well as Picnic Center have lots to offer for those travelers looking for unique experiences and a cultural approach. This secluded paradise offers the visitors a quiet ambience with some local bars and typical restaurants serving some of the most delicious traditional meals of the island like “Run Down”, a dish of fresh sea food, coconuts, plantains, cassavas, sweet potatoes, and other special ingredients.

Due to the small size of the Island, Long Beach also offers great opportunities to start exploring the marvelous underwater world of Big Corn. Snorkeling and scuba diving to impressive coral reefs are just two of some of the most interesting activities that can be done from Long Beach. Of course fishing has to be part of this unforgettable experience in Corn Island, anglers can have a fantastic time trying to catch southern stingrays, green morays, yellow fairy bass let fish, sailfish, marlins, tunas, dolphins and other great big game. Big Corn Island’s thirteen square kilometers can be easily explored by bike or horseback riding. The island also offers some fantastic views from “Quinn Hill”, a small elevation reachable from Long Beach.

Long Beach or “Long Bay”, as it is also known, is surrounded by some neighborhoods, whose friendly people are willing to share their culture through music and food. Walking away from Long Beach one can get the real feeling and life of the Caribbean communities. Children playing or walking to school, women cooking the traditional coconut bread in their homes, Creole English spoken on the streets, fishing boats, reggae music, and the laid back atmosphere are some of the things that will immerse you in this tropical paradise.

Hiking • Landscapes • Swimming • Snorkeling • Scuba Diving

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