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Little Corn Island

It is undoubtedly a real tropical paradise and certainly a true jewel nestled in the Caribbean side of Nicaragua with vast opportunities to discover a unique natural site. Little Corn Island has remained as one of the best kept secrets, a place of authentic flavor that has managed to escape massive tourism. Its matchless atmosphere has converted the Island in the last years as a favorite hideaway destination.

What makes little Corn Island so special are its splendid coral reef systems which shelter plentiful rich marine life with all different species of colorful tropical fish, sponges, schools of snappers and other interesting underwater biodiversity. Its deep azure waters also hide marvelous big game, bringing excitement to each brave angler, whose talent is enthusiastically proven in the attempt to catch barracudas, mackerels, morays, stingrays, sailfish, tunas, sword fish, tarpons and other spectacular fish.

No doubt Little Corn Island, sited at about 18 kilometers ( around 11 miles ) northwest of Big Corn Island and only reachable, starting from Big Corn Island, by boat, is the ideal place to relax and let time go by. The size of the island is almost three square kilometers with a population of approximately 800 people, most of them Creoles. The island, surrounded by incredible turquoise water, is an oasis of peace, no T.V, no cars, no cell phones, no worries, no hurries just peace of mind.

Landscapes • Swimming • Snorkeling • Scuba Diving

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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