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Corn Islands

Big and Little Corn, as they are popularly known, are two magnificent hidden jewels nestled in the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Their clear crystal water preserves an incredible and unique rich biodiversity that dazzles intrepid divers and enthusiastic coral reef lovers. Both Big and Little Corn Islands are full of excitement and new experiences with an excellent combination of culture and paradise wonders. Both impressive paradises are located just 45 miles offshore from the bustling port town of Bluefields on the East coast of the country.

These beautiful islands were first inhabited by “Kukra” people, whose origins are most likely related to South American indigenous groups. At the beginning of the XVII century the Kukras saw the first arrival of English pirates within their shores, who did not come alone, but accompanied by African slaves mainly from Jamaica. The English in their attempt to take control and colonize the Caribbean established the first permanent colonies in the Corn Islands. Besides having dominion on the islands, they also had it in the Mosquito region. In 1894 the Liberal President Jose Santos Zelaya negotiated with the English the reincorporation of the Mosquito section, including the Corn Islands, back to Nicaragua. In 1914 the United States leased of the Islands under the Chamorro-Bryan treaty; however Nicaragua never lost the sovereignty over these two territories. Finally the treaty was abolished in 1970 during the administration of Anastasio Somoza Debayle.

Today both Little and Big Corn Island, with a population of eight thousand people and an extension of thirteen square kilometers, are developing their tourist infrastructure little by little and welcoming people from all over the world. What makes these precious islands so special and unique are their friendly people, their unlimited natural underwater resources, their authentic cultural flavor, their vast opportunities for great scuba diving and snorkeling or simply their slow pace and relaxed life.

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Recommended Attractions in Corn Islands

Picnic Center »

Situated in the southwest and reputed to be the most pleasant beach in Big Corn Island, the tranquility of its water will undoubtedly reward you with an unforgettable time. One can easily reach this white sand beach either by walking or by taxi. There are some cozy lodges and hotels, offering infinite opportunities to enjoy your holidays.

Long Beach »

Bathed with crystal turquoise water, this white sandy beach is positioned on the southeast side of Big Corn Island. Long beach as well as Picnic Center have lots to offer for those travelers looking for unique experiences and a cultural approach.

Mount Pleasant »

The highest point of Big Corn island with an elevation of 250 meters above sea level, where fantastic views over the island as well as the Caribbean can be enjoyed. From up here you can see part of this ten square kilometer paradise island, situated 70 km east off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Little Corn Island »

It is undoubtedly a real tropical paradise and certainly a true jewel nestled in the Caribbean side of Nicaragua with vast opportunities to discover a unique natural site. Little Corn Island has remained as one of the best kept secrets, a place of authentic flavor that has managed to escape massive tourism.

Pearl Cays »

A group of 18 untouched tropical islands located 35 kilometers offshore Pearl Lagoon in the South Autonomous Region of Nicaragua, neighboring with the Corn Islands. Reachable by private boat “Cayos Perlas” provides certainly one of the best natural settings of the Caribbean

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